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Gym, spin and skate

FINALLY we have some sunshine and warmth here in Finland. And I still have my holiday going on, so yay!

Today’s gym:

  • Elevated cable row: 3*8 reps, 35kg
  • Bent over barbell row: 1*8/1*8/1*8 reps, 20kg/30kg/35kg
  • Bicep curls: 2*8 reps with 8kg
  • Hammer curls: 2*8 reps with 8kg
  • Dumbbell lateral raise (lying on the bench): 2*10 reps, 6kg
  • Cable pulldown: 1*10/2*10, 35kg/40kg
  • Russian twists: 3*10 reps/side
  • Hoover: 3*45s
  • Side bridges: 2*30s / side

After gym I went to a spinning class, and oh boy. Where does the sweat come from? Unbelievable, I looked like I had been poured water all over me when I left the class.

There’s some skating coming up today, first time after summer break. I’ll bet my feet will be killing me when I get off the ice…



Breaking comfort zone at Bodypump

Nothing TOO much, but I did squats with biggest weights so far. Ever. Yay, go me!

  • Warm-up: 10kg
  • Squats: 30kg
  • Chest: 15kg
  • Back: 15kg
  • Triceps: 5kg plate, 4kg dumbbell
  • Biceps: 7kg
  • Lunges: 15kg
  • Shoulders: 3kg dumbbells half a song, 2,5kg plates for the other half, 7kg for press-ups
  • Abs: no weights used


Monday gym and place

A bit late this update isn’t it 🙂

Monday was gym day, and it was good stuff.  All was fine and dandy, except there was this one couple working out. They were hogging 3 places both, so while they were doing one thing, there were 4 places “out of reach” for others. That is just so annoying. For me, it’s ok to keep 2 places if you are doing circuit type of workout. And it’s quiet at the gym. And you make sure you are not disturbing too much others. Or what do you think?

Anyway, the workout:

  • Bulgarian split squat: 3 * 8 reps, 14kg dumbbells
  • Romanian deadlift: 1 * 10 reps with 25kg, 3 * 8 reps with 35kg
  • Leg press: 1 * 6/2*6/1*8 reps with 160kg/180kg/190kg
  • Single leg glute bridge: 3*10
  • Reverse hyper extension: 3*10
  • Reverse leg curl with swiss ball: 3*10
  • Alternate heel touchers: 4*10
  • Crunches with a plate and swiss ball: 4 * 15/10kg
  • Butt-ups: 3*10

Sunday run and wrap-up

This morning (“morning”) started with a 6,5k run. Not much to day, sun was shining and birds singing and I was puffing my heart out. I just don’t get that adrenaline rush or euphoria feeling from running, like some people do. Running is boring, but apparently I still do it just for the value of it.

And what did I do this week?

  • Monday: Crosstrainer + Gym
  • Tuesday: Crosstrainer + Gym
  • Wednesday: Bodypump
  • Thursday: Gym + Spinning
  • Friday: Cycling
  • Saturday: Bodypump + Stretching
  • Sunday: Run

This week was a bit rough, as I’ve been on calorie deficit (about -400kcal per day) all week. Training is much more fun when you eat just as much or more you consume, but that doesn’t do much for the I-wanna-lose-some-weight-project doesn’t it…. Next weeks workouts are already planned for, good for me. How about you, do you plan your workouts or do you just go with the flow?

144, 262, 174, 189

Lowest, highest, stopping point, muscles.

The smallest I have been was when I was 18. I weighed 144 lbs (65kg). I was skating 10 – 15 hours per week and doing other exercises about 5 – 7 hours per week. And I thought I was fat. I wanted to weigh 122lbs (55kg). Why? Because I calculated that my BMI would then be 20.2, right smack in the middle of normal range. At 144 lbs my BMI was 23.88 and I thought it was awful that I was almost overweight.

Little did I know. Of course I weight more than my friend, who didn’t do sports everyday. It is the muscle that weighs, not just the fat. Today, I believe had I realized this I would’ve not ended up like I did.

I started university at another town, away from home. Away from mom’s food, away from the skating rink. Hours spent working out during freshman year: 0. Hours spent drinking and having fun and eating junk food: countless. That went on year after year and the result is here:

Not a pretty sight, I admit. But the thing is, I was pretty happy with myself. I had great friends and I sort of lived in denial. Then one day I got bored. I got bored of being fat and tired and I wanted to get smaller and in shape. After dropping a few kilos, I collected all my courage and got on a scale. 262 lbs, 119 kg. And I knew I had dropped a few. I don’t even now want to know how much I was before that. I mean, I had to go and buy the scale first.

First, I got disheartened. Then I got sad. I used to beat myself up for being such an idiot for letting this happen to me. I could have kept up with the old lifestyle, but I wanted something else. And there was the key. I wanted. So I started with walks, swimming and water-running. I read a lot about losing weight and diets from the net. I cut the junk food of my diet and kept on doing the exercises. And it worked. Slowly, but it worked.

It wasn’t hard. It wasn’t difficult. Of course, I was tempted to eat junk food, buy candy and things like that. I just wanted it just so bad and it made things so much easier for me. I got down to 200 lbs (90kg) and I was so happy. There was still much to do, I knew it. Still, I kind of ended up taking some time off from my little project. I managed to keep the weight off but I didn’t get any smaller.

I had not done any gym or classes until that point. When I wanted to get back on the wagon and continue my project, I got myself a membership for a gym. First month, all I did was walking on the running mat. Then I managed to run. And it felt good. I remember seeing ladies go up from the dressing room to different Les Mills classes. I kind of wanted to go too, but I was so sure I was the fattest and ugliest there, so I kept myself at the running mat and crosstrainer.

Around this time, I got back on the ice too. After first practice I was so exhausted but I also remembered how much I loved to skate. Haven’t been off skates since then.

Finally I got myself to go to BodyBalance class. And it was hard. I couldn’t do all of the moves, I did not have enough strength or stamina. But when I walked home after the class, I felt taller, thinner, fitter and happier.

And there it went. One class at a time. Balance, Pump, Combat, Spinning, Jam. One class at a time. I found my favourites and then it happened.

“Sorry, no drinking for me today, I have Pump tomorrow morning.”

I had gotten down to 174 lbs (78kg). Then the WANT kind of got lost again. I kept on working out, skating, eating healthy. I underwent a breast reduction surgery, so I had to give myself time to heal. After couple of months I could workout again. I tried to lose weight every now and then, but the success wasn’t that good. I didn’t want enough.

Today, I weigh 189 lbs. My BMI is around 31, which means I’m overweight. There is a twist though. Now I don’t want to be 122 lbs or 144 lbs. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to have muscles. With my muscle mass, I aim between 150 – 166 lbs. I am not going to decide the final number, until I get closer to 170 lbs. Who knows, maybe I like to stop there.

At the moment, my goal is to maintain my muscles and get rid of the fat. It’s slow, but I’m going there. Half a pound per week.

So what’s your story? Have you just started your project? What are your goals and ways to get there? Link your blog to the comment box, I like to read 🙂

Easy on the shoulders

This morning it was Bodypump, as usually on Saturday mornings. I had some issues with my right shoulder, so I took them and back pretty easy. In this Bodypump there are quite a few presses in the back set, and presses tend to feel in the shoulders too.

  • Warm-up: 10kg
  • Squats: 25kg
  • Chest: 12kg
  • Back: 12kg
  • Triceps: 5kg plate for dips and overhead extensions, 4kg dumbbell for kickbacks
  • Biceps: 7kg
  • Lunges: 10kg
  • Shoulders: 1,5 rounds with 2,5kg plates, switched to 2kg dumbbells for the last 0.5 round. Presses with 10kg.
  • Abs: no weights

There. Not bad, but not excellent either 😀

Now, stay tuned. I decided to share some personal experiences. I haven’t ALWAYS been a gym bunny, there was a time when I was way bigger and fatter, and I thought I talk about the issues I confronted and obstacles I had to tackle to get where I am now. And also, where do I want to go from here. So you are welcome to read it and tell me what did it sound like 🙂

Mr. Murphy says hi

Today was a sort of a rest day. No strength training, just some easy bike riding. First part of the ride was great, the sun was shining, the lake was beautiful and the forrest was nice and cool.

On the way back home I ended up in the middle of a storm. It was raining so hard, that I couldn’t see where I was going, and the rain drops were hitting me so hard I was sure I got some bruises. When I got home, the rain obviously stopped. The minute I got my bike locked, no more rain.

What are the odds that the one time you wear WHITE t-shirt you end up soaked? I mean, I poured some water of my sneakers for heaven’s sake.