The beginn.. The hopping in the middle

Hi there you. For some reason you have ended up in my blog, Confessions of a gymbunny. This blog is about me and my workouts, with occasional other issues about food and sorts. I do have a small notebook in my gym bag, but I wanted to start a blog to record my exciting journeys (haha, really not that interesting but still) in and out the field of working out.

I live in Finland, and I apparently use weights manufactured in Sweden. That’s why all my weights are in kilos, but I try to change them into pounds if there’s someone who needs it.

I hit the gym 3-4 times per week, participate Les Mills classes about 2-4 times per week, and skate twice a week. That’s my basic thing, sometimes more and sometimes less. I do other workouts too, like running and walking. I really hate them both, so this is not going to be a running blog. It’s more like exception if that happens, or I really really really have to. Yesterday I went for a 1,5h walk with my boyfriend, just because he asked so nicely. And he also promised that I get to complain 10 times about how boring walking is.

What am I going to write then? I was planning to take part in Kenlie‘s Friend Making Mondays, which might start on a Thursday for me. I love Kenlie, she’s kind of the inspiration to start this blog in English. See, I want her to read this 😀 Also, I’ll boast about my gym weights, heart rate and calories consumption and maybe some times make a food posting or two. How does that sound?

There is a reason why this post is actually not a beginning but more like starting from the middle. I have lost about 40kg of weight in the long run, and I am going to lose some more. Now it’s more about getting fit than getting slim. So, welcome!


2 responses to “The beginn.. The hopping in the middle

  1. I’m here, and I’m so honored that you are writing in English! =)

    I am trying to start from the middle too. I like the way you put that…

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