Yesterday I came home from the gym feeling low. The workout was bad, and so was my mood. Then a friend called and ask me for a pint or two. You know, until about 2 years ago I would’ve said “sure” without thinking. Nowadays, my mind starts to run wild trying to remember what have I scheduled for the next day. What EXERCISE I have planned to do.  Sounds a bit daft?

I went anyway, had a beer, had couple of more beers, got home. Then woke up in time to have breakfast, coffee and pack up my training gear to go to Bodypump. Maybe not the brightest idea but I did good. I have to admit I took it bit easily just in case. Anyway, this is how it went this time:

  • Warming-up: 7kg (I’m gonna only mention to combined weight)
  • Squats: 20kg
  • Chest: 12kg
  • Back: 15kg
  • Triceps: dips with 5kg plate, overhead extension with 5kg, kickbacks with 2,5kg plate
  • Biceps: 7kg
  • Lunges: The beginning with 10kg
  • Abs: no weights used

I’ve done better, but at least I can now jump all the propulsion squat jumps 😀 What the hell are them then. I’ll let Patrick to explain it to you:

“Think squats without the bar, but swinging your arms by your side to give you more momentum. Then, jump as high on the spot as you can. Do a bunch of them and then do it twice as fast. Oh, and once your legs have exploded, give me a quick set of 24 lunges. Ouch ? yes, but we’re only half way, so suck it up and do it all again! Oh and yes, there were a bunch of squats and lunges with the bar at the start of the track too. I just forgot about them already because the second half of the track fries your brain.”


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