Sweating and some more sweating

What is it with this sweating? I mean I do sweat and get red and really look like I’ve been working out. But for some reason last couple of times at the gym I look like I took a shower. During the workout. With my clothes on…

It’s not that I’m short, the crosstrainers at my gym are huge 😀 But the workout, what did I do?

  • Elevated cable row: 3*8 reps, 35kg
  • Kettlebell row: 3*8 reps/side, 12kg
  • Bicep curls: 1*8 reps with 8kg, 1*8 reps with 9kg
  • Hammer curls: 1*8 reps with 8kg, 1*8 reps with 9kg
  • Dumbbell lateral raise (lying on the bench): 2*10 reps, 8kg
  • Triceps pushdown: 3*10 reps, 35kg (I didn’t mean to do this, I was supposed to do cable pulldown, but what can I say… I was tired?)
  • Ab twists: 2*10 reps, 5kg plate
  • Hoover: 2*30s
  • Side bridges: 2*20s / side
  • Butt-ups, sliding toes close to elbows and back to hoover: 2*30s

One tired rower.

Those are some girly weight plates, it’s hard to get the right attitude for lifting them up 😀 I do kind of get the kick from the grey and gritty plates I get to use at other gyms 😉 You get into the right mood in away. But well. Apparently those colorful ones DO weigh as much as the grey ones…

Have a nice Tuesday you all!




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