Wednesday & Bodypump

Hi all!

And greetings from FINALLY sunny Finland. It has been raining and raining and then some here all July but today we had some sun and nice summer day!

I kicked this sunny day off with Bodypump:

  • Warming-up: 7kg
  • Squats: 22kg
  • Chest: 14kg
  • Back: 15kg
  • Triceps: dips with 5kg plate, overhead extension with 5kg, kickbacks with 3kg dumbbell
  • Biceps: 7kg
  • Lunges: The beginning with 10kg
  • Abs: no weights used

Rest of the day was great, I visited a farm which sells organic products and things from producers nearby. You can also go there and buy milk straight from the cow (they don’t process the milk in any way, they just cool it down before selling) everyday between 5:15 PM and 6:15 PM. After that, I picked up my boyfriend from work and made him come with me to a ostrich farm 😀 What a nice day here in the north 🙂


How was your Wednesday?


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