Easy on the shoulders

This morning it was Bodypump, as usually on Saturday mornings. I had some issues with my right shoulder, so I took them and back pretty easy. In this Bodypump there are quite a few presses in the back set, and presses tend to feel in the shoulders too.

  • Warm-up: 10kg
  • Squats: 25kg
  • Chest: 12kg
  • Back: 12kg
  • Triceps: 5kg plate for dips and overhead extensions, 4kg dumbbell for kickbacks
  • Biceps: 7kg
  • Lunges: 10kg
  • Shoulders: 1,5 rounds with 2,5kg plates, switched to 2kg dumbbells for the last 0.5 round. Presses with 10kg.
  • Abs: no weights

There. Not bad, but not excellent either 😀

Now, stay tuned. I decided to share some personal experiences. I haven’t ALWAYS been a gym bunny, there was a time when I was way bigger and fatter, and I thought I talk about the issues I confronted and obstacles I had to tackle to get where I am now. And also, where do I want to go from here. So you are welcome to read it and tell me what did it sound like 🙂


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