Sunday run and wrap-up

This morning (“morning”) started with a 6,5k run. Not much to day, sun was shining and birds singing and I was puffing my heart out. I just don’t get that adrenaline rush or euphoria feeling from running, like some people do. Running is boring, but apparently I still do it just for the value of it.

And what did I do this week?

  • Monday: Crosstrainer + Gym
  • Tuesday: Crosstrainer + Gym
  • Wednesday: Bodypump
  • Thursday: Gym + Spinning
  • Friday: Cycling
  • Saturday: Bodypump + Stretching
  • Sunday: Run

This week was a bit rough, as I’ve been on calorie deficit (about -400kcal per day) all week. Training is much more fun when you eat just as much or more you consume, but that doesn’t do much for the I-wanna-lose-some-weight-project doesn’t it…. Next weeks workouts are already planned for, good for me. How about you, do you plan your workouts or do you just go with the flow?


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