Monday gym and place

A bit late this update isn’t it 🙂

Monday was gym day, and it was good stuff.  All was fine and dandy, except there was this one couple working out. They were hogging 3 places both, so while they were doing one thing, there were 4 places “out of reach” for others. That is just so annoying. For me, it’s ok to keep 2 places if you are doing circuit type of workout. And it’s quiet at the gym. And you make sure you are not disturbing too much others. Or what do you think?

Anyway, the workout:

  • Bulgarian split squat: 3 * 8 reps, 14kg dumbbells
  • Romanian deadlift: 1 * 10 reps with 25kg, 3 * 8 reps with 35kg
  • Leg press: 1 * 6/2*6/1*8 reps with 160kg/180kg/190kg
  • Single leg glute bridge: 3*10
  • Reverse hyper extension: 3*10
  • Reverse leg curl with swiss ball: 3*10
  • Alternate heel touchers: 4*10
  • Crunches with a plate and swiss ball: 4 * 15/10kg
  • Butt-ups: 3*10

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