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I’m not a morning person. So it’s always a small miracle when I manage to do something physical before 9:00am. I’m still sore and stiff from yesterday’s workout, so I thought I’d take this Friday easy.

Morning swim was not that good. Although it was better than on Wednesday, when the whole pool was closed 🙂 I swam about 1k, and tried to work on my technique. It’s not going that well, but small steps right? I find it really really hard to breath out under water, I keep holding my breath and then it all goes wrong.

Now some Icelandic breakfast with nuts and then some work! Have a fun Friday 🙂

Legs on fire

Still feeling the effects of the first gym workout with PT. I’m pretty sure I’m going to curse that guy straight to Hell everytime I’m doing this set. But if it hurts, it’s good for me. Right?

This is what I do for now, Gym 1:

For warmup and the end, some running on a treadmill, then off we go! (And sweat.)

Set 1:
Kettlebell swings: 3*15-18 reps, 12kg
One-legged kettlebell deadlift: 3*12-15 reps, 12kg / leg
Nothing too hard here, just getting warm. Kind of boosting one’s self confidence here: “Aaaah, this is easy, I can do this.”

Set 2:
Lunges (forward, side, backwards): 3*5+5+5 reps/ leg, 15kg plate
Standing on Bosu, rotating plate over head: 3*10 reps / direction
The second set of lunges is starting to hurt, and the plate keeps getting so sweaty that I need to wrap it in a towel. This is the part where the doubts are creeping in: “I guess I’ll just drop dead in the middle of lunge set.”

Set 3:
Stepping on a bench: 3*10 reps / leg, 10kg plate
Side bend: 3*20 reps / side, 10kg plate
Stepping on a bench is pure pain, tha last set at least. “I wish I’d dropped dead in the middle of lunge set, why didn’t I?”

Set 4:
Ab crunch machine: 3*15-18 reps, 25kg
Leg press machine: 3*15-18 reps, 90kg
This last set is just a walk in the park 😀 “Whoa, I survived and did it!”

I thought that I was in good shape. Now I feel like I am not, and that I need to work my ass off to get even to a decent level 😀 I really like all moves, they are not just isolating some parts, but I get a full body workout. Apparently now my metabolism should get a jump start and the extra pounds are just melting away (haha, yea right). Now it might be a good time to get myself up from the couch and go for a little walk. And stretching after that..

I’m gonna do this on Sunday too, and on Tuesday I’m getting the food instructions and the Gym 2 program. So life is good in Finland 🙂

How do I know the workout was good?

Easily. When your top changes color from light grey to drenched-in-sweat-dark gray, that’s one.


And when walking from the gym you almost fall just because your legs are so tired. That’s another.

Running is such a bore

I don’t get people who say that “I could run forever” or “The feeling you get from running is awesome” or “Your mind is just empty and you run run run“.

No, you couldn’t. If by “awesome” you mean “I’d rather be riding alligators or diving with sharks” then running is awesome. And the mind is not empty, you just keep thinking “when is this going to end?”.

I really really don’t like running. Why do I run then, one might ask. Well, I’ve learned that if there is some form of exercise you find either boring, too hard or impossible, then that’s the exercise you should be doing to get results. Quite simple. That’s why I run. I’ve said that I’m not going to go cross-country skiing EVER, but I might have to re-think about that. Is it boring? Yes. Do I hate it? Sir yes sir. Ugh.

Well. Today was a run day. Just because my morning swim didn’t happen. Just because I was an idiot and didn’t check if the pool was open. It wasn’t.


  • Distance: 4,21 km
  • Time: 33 min
  • Average speed: 7,43 km/h
  • Average pace: 8:04 min/km

I still have skating tonight, and bodyweight training with the girls before going on the ice. I just might skip doing the planks myself, my abs are really sore from yesterday…

Tests: done Results: not in yet

First meeting and it went fine. I didn’t die or turn into a zombie (what a pity). The Tanita scale for body composition measurements was for some reason not available, so I’ll get those results later on.

The test results are in on Thursday, but I remember some of them…

  • Squats, 30s: ~25
  • Back, 30s: ~20
  • Sit-ups, 30s: ~18
  • Push-ups, 30s: ~15
  • Dumbbell presses, 6kg dumbbells, 30s: ~20

I don’t really remember better, because I had to concentrate on doing and not counting. I’ll update the Progress-page on Thursday then (and when I get the Tanita results). After the test part, PT asked me if I was in a hurry. I said no. “Well, let’s do a little core workout then?” “Sure.”

One hour and several planks, crunches, twists and side planks later we were done. And let me tell you, it was awesome! The last rounds and reps were pure pain, and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for Thursday and gym.

Panic before the testing

Today is the testing day and I’m pretty much in panic.

  1. Last time I had a body composition test was in January 2012. I’m certain that all my muscle mass has been replaced with fat.
  2. I’m convinced that while doing a stationary bicycle ergo meter test, I’m going to drop dead and die because my bad shape.
  3. I’m going to fail the muscle fitness test. Spectacularly.

Well, I’ll report the results later this evening. If I’m not dead (see item 2).

Workout gear

When I started my working-out-and-losing-weight-project, I really couldn’t care less what I was wearing. Only thing that actually did matter a bit was that baggier and saggier clothes were better. (Well, I was a big girl, and not proud of my “curves” at all.)

Today, it’s a bit different. I like my training gear to be nice. And it’s a bonus if they kind of get me in the groove at the class. I mean, at the gym it doesn’t really matter, but the classes. I just can’t go to BodyCombat or BodyPump and wear something really really baggy. But in BodyJam, baggy pants are great! In BodyBalance and in stretching I need something warm, comfy and soft. So I wonder why approximately half of my closet is filled with all kind of training gear…

It’s important to get in the right mode before the workout and stay in it too. I remember one BodyStep class which was a) longest hour ever and b) shitty. All because I had wrong top and wrong pants. It’s nicer to look yourself from the mirror all the time when you look as nice as you can. And you don’t have to be constantly pulling your top lower or your pants up.

I usually by my gear at H&M or Gina Tricot, which means that there’s not a single unique item in my closet 😀 Every class I take, there is someone wearing same top or same shirt or same pants… It would be nice to get some fun and neat training clothes, but I don’t know where to get them. Cheaply enough 😉 If you have any ideas, let me know 🙂 Oh, and if there’s some triathlon gear I MUST have, tell that too. (I do have a bike, but I’m pretty sure that bikini is not the best gear for swimming..)