Back from holiday

This was the first day at work after five weeks of holiday. I didn’t lazy around, except the last week… And I feel quilty for it. There was a wedding on Saturday, on Sunday there was hangover, on Monday I got lazy, on Tuesday I just didn’t feel like it, on Wednesday there was this:

Red Hot Chili Peppers practically at my back yard, so I had to go. It was fun, really fun. On Thursday I finally did some skating, but that was it. On Friday me and my man headed for my home town.

Food, food and some more food. And soaking up the sun by the sea, swimming in 20 degrees Celcius (68F) water, taking a sauna and just relaxing.

I really really needed that break.



2 responses to “Back from holiday

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful there.

    I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers…How awesome!

    • The nights are still quite nice, although the fall seems to be creeping in.. And the dark nights. That sucks :/

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