Two workout Tuesday

So, back at work. And back at the gym. I started the day off with cardio, 40 minutes. I did some crosstrainer, stepper and running. I’m so not a morning person, so it was “interesting”. Hated every minute of it. Going to do it again.

After work, I returned to the gym for some leg action.

  • Squats: 10/8/6/4 reps, 40/50/70/80kg
  • Lunges: 10/7/5 reps, 30/40/50kg
  • Alternative leg press: 10/8/6, 110/120/130kg
  • Leg extensions: 10/10/10 reps, 35/40/40kg
  • Leg curls with swiss ball: 15/12/10 reps
  • Glutes: 10/10, 40/60kg
  • Crunches+plate+swiss ball: 4*15 reps, 10kg
  • Twists: 3*10 reps, 10kg plate

So that was today. Feels good to be back!


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