Basic pump

Saturday pump, all is well.

  • Warm-up: 10kg
  • Squats: 30kg
  • Chest: 12kg
  • Back: 12kg/15kg (added weights in the middle of the song)
  • Triceps: 12kg + 10kg plate
  • Biceps: 7kg
  • Lunges: 7kg
  • Shoulders: 3kg dumbbells

We were mixing a lot, nice 🙂


2 responses to “Basic pump

  1. I’m glad to notice that you use proper weights! So often people have so less varioty on them. They do everything with almost the same weights.

    My weights are in latests pumps been:

    Warm-up: 15kg
    Squats: 45kg
    Chest: 30kg
    Back: 30kg
    Triceps: 5kg dumbbells + 10kg plate
    Biceps: 15kg
    Lunges: 30kg
    Shoulders: 5kg dumbbells

    • I’ve been working my way up 🙂 And try to get some additions every two weeks or so. Hands are my next target, they are too weak compared to my legs 🙂

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