The Hoff helped me with my leg press

That’s actually true. I was minding my own business and listening to my oh-so-awesome training music. Yes. I have David Hasselhoff in there.

I was supposed to do presses with 170kg, 180kg, 190kg and 200kg. Apparently The Hoff made me much stronger and lose the ability to do simple math, because I did 170kg, 190kg, 210kg and then thought that 240kg is not that much more. There it was, leg press personal best (so far) 😀 Thank you David Hasselhoff!

That’s not all I did though:

  • Double arm swing: 10/10/10/10 reps, 12/12/16/16kg kettlebell
  • Lunges: 10/10 & 10/10 reps, 20kg barbell (all the proper places were taken, so I had to improvise and well, I didn’t feel like lunges 😀 )
  • Leg press: 10/8/8/6 reps, 170/190/210/240 kg
  • Leg curl: 10/10/10 reps, 40kg
  • Reverse hyper extension: 10/10 reps
  • Leg curls with swiss ball: 10/10/10 reps
  • Cruches with swiss ball and plate: 10/10/10/10, 10kg plate
  • Alternate heel touchers: 10/10/10/10
  • Twists with gym ball: 10/10 & 10/10, 5kg ball

Nice and sweaty business this gym thing here.


I don’t care, because I have a new gym bag! After the morning cardio when trying to stuff all my things inside AND close the zipper on my old (technically not that old, but too small apparently) bag, I decided to go and get new one. Preferably twice the size.  Because two sets of training gear just did not fit in.

And I found the perfect bag! Which is great! One tends not to find the thing one is looking for (except The Hoff and his freedom, I hope he found it) but this time I did.


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