I’ve been skating since I was 6. Still, it is as much fun to step on the ice and glide around as it was when I started. I don’t fall as much as I did then (which is a good thing ’cause my old bones might broke) but the joy of skating is still the thing that keeps me going to the ice rink.

I have skated alone and I have skated in teams. Today, I coach an adults synchronized skating team. We skate twice a week and compete on a national level. And we have fun!

Skating has defined me for almost all my life. At my teens I was the skater, and I belonged to something. I had my team. We went through thick and thin and we worked our asses off if needed. Mostly, we had fun. I have gained so much from skating: I have strong legs, good posture and great balance. I hope I can keep this hobby of mine with me for years to come.

Do you have some hobbies you have been doing “always”? 🙂


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