Personal bests at Bodypump

Maybe the Expendables 2 inspired me (well no, but the fit guys were silti fun to look at), cause I did couple of personal bests today:

  • Warm-up: 10kg
  • Squats: 32kg (new personal best AND 2 kg more then the instructior)
  • Chest: 12kg
  • Back: 12kg
  • Triceps: 10kg, 5kg plate
  • Biceps: 9kg
  • Lunges: 5kg
  • Shoulders: 3kg dumbbells and 2,5kg plates
  • Abs: no weights

Nice start for the weekend, hope you all have nice weekend too 🙂



11 responses to “Personal bests at Bodypump

  1. Nowadays I use dumbbells in bicep training. I think it’s easier to focus the training only to biceps with dumbbells. Only bad thing is that in our bodypump place is 5 kg dumbbells the biggest. So I have to take to dumbbells in one hand. ( 5 kg and 1 kg ) Have to say that after chancing to dumbbels less weight is enough. Before I did with 15 kg.

    My personal best is when taking the hardest way in every part in this program :

    Warm-up: 15kg
    Squats: 50kg
    Chest: 30kg
    Back: 30kg
    Triceps: 10kg plate, 5kg dumbbells
    Biceps: 12kg with dumbbells or 15kg
    Lunges: 30kg
    Shoulders: 5kg dumbbells and 15kg
    Abs: no weights

  2. That’s good reason too! 😀 Training biceps is often so dull. Dumbbells gives some variety for it. If compared to triceps training in bodypump you have in this program three different kind of workouts – in biceps training you just stand there with your bar. 😀

    I’m not a expert of any kind but should you try to but some more weight to chest and back? The diffence between those and biceps/triceps are quite small. Bigger muscles – bigger weights. 🙂 The back training is often the hardest for me. Whole body is doing the work and heart tries to jump out of the chest. 😀 Fingers try also lose the bar at the end. Have to have some more static strenght to them.

    • I know I should use more weights for the back and chest. But after squats I’m dead (I tend to get easy on the chest) and then on the back my fingers lose the bar 😀

  3. Those are very familiar feelings. Chest often pays the price f the leg training. And if there is a lot rows with wide grip my fingers tend to lose also.

    I don’t do every time the squats with maximum weights. If I do it twice a week every week I end up to walk like I have shit on my pants. So I lose some weights maybe ever fourth time ( depends how I feel ). I maybe make deeper squats then and have different feeling. If it feels like I have much strength in my legs after that I but more weights to the lunges and compensate it like that. Then I have more energy to do the chest.

    To help the back training I bought squeezing gadgets to home ( I don’t know what the name is 😀 ). I use them when watching television ( if I remember ).

  4. I have to take back some of my sayings. It’s not the chest witch pays the price of the heavy squats. It is the back. Tested that again yesterday. Maybe because it’s another high pulse training period. Almost throw up. 😀

  5. I just get too excited with the squats and think that “yes here we go”. It feels cheating to go easy from the beginning 😀

  6. That is so true. If I feel that I could have done more – I feel that I’m cheating. 😀 So usually I’m after three first and biggest muscle groups so tired that rest of the class I just try to manage alive. 😀

  7. I was tired yesterday and stayed home laying on sofa ( would have had bodypump class ). I felt so big looser that I had to make some abs, pushups and chin-ups at home. After chin-ups I felt even bigger loser. Bodypump seems not improve chin-ups. 😀

  8. Me – again! 😀

    Have to ask. What kind of shoes you have in bodypump? My tracks are getting sore and I also have thought if some other kind of shoes would help me to focus the force in right place doing lunges. I have basic indoor playing shoes ( Puma ). They are not old so that’s is not the problem.

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