Gym, swimming and meeting up with the PT

A bit of a busy day, and I’m just trying to stay awake now (so I can watch latest episode of Biggest Loser). But I met up with my PT today. We didn’t actually workout today, but we talked about eating and what kind of things I want to have as goals and what kind of workouts I like to do. He suggested that we’d go running some stairs sometime, and with just that I decided that I like him 😀

One loooooong set of stairs. 150 more or less. I can already feel my glutes burn… Next week I’ll be going through some set of tests, we are testing body composition, muscle strength, mobility and endurance. I will get back to those then. I’m also getting new gym program and all that! Great!

After the meeting, I had time for quick gym:

  • Barbell row: 10/8/6/4 reps, 25/30/35/40kg
  • Elevated cable row: 8/6/6 reps, 30/40/40kg
  • Bicep curls: 8/8 reps, 9kg
  • Hammer curls: 8/8 reps, 9kg
  • Lateral raise: 8/8/8 reps, 9kg
  • Cable pulldown: 10/8/6 reps, 30, 35, 45kg
  • Hoover: 3 * 45s
  • Sit-ups: 15/15/15

I also got intrigued today. Couple of my friends decided to participate in triathlon next summer. I kind of want to do it too. 1,5k swim, 40k cycling and 10k run… The reason I got interested is that it would be something I have never dreamed of being able to do. I went swimming today with one of the guys (he’s going to do the triathlon) just to learn how to breath and swim 😀 It is HARD my friends. I’ll have to keep practicing if I want to participate in their challenge 😀




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