Workout gear

When I started my working-out-and-losing-weight-project, I really couldn’t care less what I was wearing. Only thing that actually did matter a bit was that baggier and saggier clothes were better. (Well, I was a big girl, and not proud of my “curves” at all.)

Today, it’s a bit different. I like my training gear to be nice. And it’s a bonus if they kind of get me in the groove at the class. I mean, at the gym it doesn’t really matter, but the classes. I just can’t go to BodyCombat or BodyPump and wear something really really baggy. But in BodyJam, baggy pants are great! In BodyBalance and in stretching I need something warm, comfy and soft. So I wonder why approximately half of my closet is filled with all kind of training gear…

It’s important to get in the right mode before the workout and stay in it too. I remember one BodyStep class which was a) longest hour ever and b) shitty. All because I had wrong top and wrong pants. It’s nicer to look yourself from the mirror all the time when you look as nice as you can. And you don’t have to be constantly pulling your top lower or your pants up.

I usually by my gear at H&M or Gina Tricot, which means that there’s not a single unique item in my closet 😀 Every class I take, there is someone wearing same top or same shirt or same pants… It would be nice to get some fun and neat training clothes, but I don’t know where to get them. Cheaply enough 😉 If you have any ideas, let me know 🙂 Oh, and if there’s some triathlon gear I MUST have, tell that too. (I do have a bike, but I’m pretty sure that bikini is not the best gear for swimming..)


2 responses to “Workout gear

  1. so i’m guessing you’re not the first one to comment on the number of riding boots i own 😀 you see you need one pair for dressage and one for jumping and one for offroading and one of course for winter and……….

    ps. got the long sleeve and now i worry if this hoarding tendency of mine is shifting towards technical shirts as well.

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