Panic before the testing

Today is the testing day and I’m pretty much in panic.

  1. Last time I had a body composition test was in January 2012. I’m certain that all my muscle mass has been replaced with fat.
  2. I’m convinced that while doing a stationary bicycle ergo meter test, I’m going to drop dead and die because my bad shape.
  3. I’m going to fail the muscle fitness test. Spectacularly.

Well, I’ll report the results later this evening. If I’m not dead (see item 2).


2 responses to “Panic before the testing

  1. I think you’re supposed to stop pedaling just _before_ it feels like death, not after. Remember that, and I’m sure you’ll ace the tests 😀 Although, a zombie triathlon would also be an interesting event (though am not entirely sure whether they are waterproof enough for the swimming part, and it would then be more of a sink than a swim).

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