Running is such a bore

I don’t get people who say that “I could run forever” or “The feeling you get from running is awesome” or “Your mind is just empty and you run run run“.

No, you couldn’t. If by “awesome” you mean “I’d rather be riding alligators or diving with sharks” then running is awesome. And the mind is not empty, you just keep thinking “when is this going to end?”.

I really really don’t like running. Why do I run then, one might ask. Well, I’ve learned that if there is some form of exercise you find either boring, too hard or impossible, then that’s the exercise you should be doing to get results. Quite simple. That’s why I run. I’ve said that I’m not going to go cross-country skiing EVER, but I might have to re-think about that. Is it boring? Yes. Do I hate it? Sir yes sir. Ugh.

Well. Today was a run day. Just because my morning swim didn’t happen. Just because I was an idiot and didn’t check if the pool was open. It wasn’t.


  • Distance: 4,21 km
  • Time: 33 min
  • Average speed: 7,43 km/h
  • Average pace: 8:04 min/km

I still have skating tonight, and bodyweight training with the girls before going on the ice. I just might skip doing the planks myself, my abs are really sore from yesterday…


One response to “Running is such a bore

  1. And what makes the running even more boring. It’s the coming fall. I have many times successfully went to run few times a week but everytime when the weather gets ugly I loose my motivation completely. Good points of running are that you can just go out of the door and start run and it’s quite easy – you learn it when you were kid. For start you don’t need much more than deasent shoes.

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