Legs on fire

Still feeling the effects of the first gym workout with PT. I’m pretty sure I’m going to curse that guy straight to Hell everytime I’m doing this set. But if it hurts, it’s good for me. Right?

This is what I do for now, Gym 1:

For warmup and the end, some running on a treadmill, then off we go! (And sweat.)

Set 1:
Kettlebell swings: 3*15-18 reps, 12kg
One-legged kettlebell deadlift: 3*12-15 reps, 12kg / leg
Nothing too hard here, just getting warm. Kind of boosting one’s self confidence here: “Aaaah, this is easy, I can do this.”

Set 2:
Lunges (forward, side, backwards): 3*5+5+5 reps/ leg, 15kg plate
Standing on Bosu, rotating plate over head: 3*10 reps / direction
The second set of lunges is starting to hurt, and the plate keeps getting so sweaty that I need to wrap it in a towel. This is the part where the doubts are creeping in: “I guess I’ll just drop dead in the middle of lunge set.”

Set 3:
Stepping on a bench: 3*10 reps / leg, 10kg plate
Side bend: 3*20 reps / side, 10kg plate
Stepping on a bench is pure pain, tha last set at least. “I wish I’d dropped dead in the middle of lunge set, why didn’t I?”

Set 4:
Ab crunch machine: 3*15-18 reps, 25kg
Leg press machine: 3*15-18 reps, 90kg
This last set is just a walk in the park 😀 “Whoa, I survived and did it!”

I thought that I was in good shape. Now I feel like I am not, and that I need to work my ass off to get even to a decent level 😀 I really like all moves, they are not just isolating some parts, but I get a full body workout. Apparently now my metabolism should get a jump start and the extra pounds are just melting away (haha, yea right). Now it might be a good time to get myself up from the couch and go for a little walk. And stretching after that..

I’m gonna do this on Sunday too, and on Tuesday I’m getting the food instructions and the Gym 2 program. So life is good in Finland 🙂


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