Monthly Archives: September 2012

Weekly wrap-up

This was the normal 1 week from easy – normal 1 – normal 2 – hard, and this is how it went down:

  • Monday: Grappling circuit, BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Street dance
  • Wednesday: Skating
  • Thursday: Spinning, Gym (upper)
  • Friday: BodyCombat
  • Saturday: Gym (lower), Stretching
  • Sunday: Gym (upper), Stretching


I really should do more of that stretching stuff, I’m so stiff that it’s ridiculous.. I promise, next week I’ll stretch every day. Half an hour per day is not that much, or what do you think? 🙂

Sunday gym

This Sunday was nice and filled with cakes 😀 A friend of mine had her third child couple of months ago and today was the name-giving party. And that means cakes.


I just tasted, and went to the gym 😀 Today was some upper body workout action:

  • Chin-ups: 3 * 15 reps, Smith
  • Push-ups + pull-ins: 3 * 12 reps, swiss ball
  • Lat machine: 1 * 15 reps, 35kg, 2 * 15 reps, 40kg
  • Back machine: 1 * 15 reps, 35kg, 2 * 15 reps, 40kg
  • Pullover on the bench: 3 * 15 reps, 10 kg
  • Bicep curls + shoulder press: 1 * 15 reps, 7kg, 2 * 15 reps, 8kg
  • Cable crossover: 1 * 15 reps, 7,5 kg, 2 * 15 reps, 8,75kg
  • Twists: 3 * 15 reps / side, 10kg plate

Look! My new shorts match the wall! A wall flower at the gym, that’s me. I kind of like the shorts. And I like the fact that I can fit into Gina Tricots shorts which are size L. Maybe later this year size M? 🙂



Awesome gym and Arnold thighs

What an awesome gym day this Saturday turned out to be! Armed with good playlist in Spotify (well, good might be a bit of an overstatement since there’s some David Hasselhoff in the list) I went for the “get the weights up” plan. And I did get the weights up, almost all of them!

  • Kettlebell swings: 3 * 15, 12kg (I was too lazy to do this with 16kg)
  • Kettelbell deadlifts: 3 * 15, 16kg (+3 reps)
  • Lunges: 3(5+5+5), 16kg (weights up! +1kg :D)
  • Bosu + rotations: 3 * 15, 12kg
  • Stepping on a bench: 3 * 20, 12kg (+2kg)
  • Sides: 3 * 20, 16kg (+1kg)
  • Leg press: 3 * 15, 100kg (my legs were shaking so I didn’t get weights to 110kg :/ )
  • Abs: 3 * 15, 35kg

I have a small problem with my right knee. I guess I have sprained it one too many times when figure skating, and sometimes it can be really difficult. It has been acting up again, so I went through my closets and found my (one of them) knee supports. This one is not too hot and it’s easy to wash. I have couple of different supports too, but I save them for the really bad day 😉

The knee problem is something that got me to the gym (besides the fact that I wanted to workout and lose weight). As I started skating again in 2007, I had a nasty fall and hit both of my knees against the sideboard of the ice rink. Full speed, of course. I was sure I had broken something really badly, as both knees were swollen and black and blue. But the doctor told me after x-rays that it was just a bad hit, and no bigger damage was done. “You have tough bones girl but your knees are really loose.” was the diagnose. He told me that if my quads were strong enough, my knees would eventually stop hurting and hyperextention problems would ease out. And you know what? It was true. There are times my knees are sore, but I know now what to do when it happens.

I find it a tad ironic this night club which I can see from my gym 😉



Writing challenge: Recipe for fall

Autumn in Finland is pretty awful. There might be occasional sunny days, but 95% of time it’s rainy, cold and getting darker every day. So comfort food is a big thing. My favorite (which I don’t really eat at the moment because of the diet) is Coconut-chili prawn-fish soup. It’s simple and quick to do, I use this ready made fish soup mix (fish and veggies and potatoes from a frozen bag, yummy) so it’s even quicker.

Coconut-Chili prawn-Fish soup (serves 4 persons)

1 bag (700g) of ready-made-fish soup ingredients
2 dl water
1 can (4 dl) coconut milk
1 table spoon of lemon juice
1 bag (170g) prawns
1 tea spoon of chili powder
1 table spoon of oil

1. Heat up the water and half of the coconut milk and thrown in the frozen fish soup things. Let it boil for 5 min, and add rest of the coconut milk and lemon juice.

2. Heat the pan and the oil, fry the prawns (melt and dry them first) and season with chili powder.

3. Mix the prawns into the soup and eat while it’s hot 🙂

(picture and the recipe in Finnish)

Writing challenge: home videos

Have you ever done a home workout video? If so, which ones are your favourite?

First I thought that this means have I ever done one myself and I begun to think that does it count if I have videos of me skating… But have I ever done home workout? I have tried to find decent yoga videos from YouTube but didn’t have much success.

Double the workout, double the fun

I’m so not a morning person. Yet my alarm clock was loud and noisy at 6:05 (I have an issue with getting up before six in the morning, it somehow is just way too early. I know. Weird.) and I got my stuff and went to the gym. It was ok, I could get everything done, there wasn’t too many people (so I could easily without any gym-etiquette issues do something with one machine and reserve other one) but it was still early.

  • Chin-ups: 3 * 15 reps, Smith
  • Push-ups + pull-ins: 3 * 12 reps, swiss ball
  • Lat machine: 3 * 15 reps, 35kg
  • Back machine: 3 * 15 reps, 35kg
  • Pullover on the bench: 3 * 15 reps, 10 kg
  • Bicep curls + shoulder press: 3 * 15 reps, 7kg
  • Cable crossover: 3 * 15 reps, 7,5 kg
  • Twists: 3 * 15 reps / side, 10kg plate

After gym a quick shower and to the office. Every Thursday we have breakfast at work, a really nice weekly get-together. There are all kinds of great things, Karelian pies, rye bread, eggs, cheese, ham, veggies, yogurts, juice and so on. What did I have? Well, this diet of mine said porridge, cottage cheese and berries. So I just longed after Karelian pies and ate my porrigde 🙂

After quite shitty day at work, I went back to the gym and for spinning class. I think I took the class too easily. I decided in the beginning that I’m not going to look at the clock. Time flied and I just picked up the tempo for last two songs. And it was too late 😀 I’ll do better next time, promise!

Today’s challenge topic was do I use any replacements for my meals. I don’t. Unless I really have to. A protein bar in my gym bag for “just in case” is fine. I’m learning and adopting a healthier way of life and getting fitter day by day, and I don’t want to base that to replacements for real food. This means cutting microwave foods and that kinda stuff off my diet too. So no replacements for me thanks.

Writing challenge: improvement

What is one area of your fitness that you’d like to improve upon?

There are many areas (obviously), but I want more upper body and core strength. I want to be able to do chin-ups!