Leg day, on my own

For some reason my legs have been really hurting since Thursday’s gym session with PT. Yesterday was a day off, so today was gym day (no matter what).

Kettlebell swings: 3*15 reps, 12kg
One-legged kettlebell deadlift: 3*12 reps, 12kg / leg
Lunges (forward, side, backwards): 3*5+5+5 reps/ leg, 10kg plate (was supposed to be 15kg plate, but I just couldn’t. Or want to.)
Standing on Bosu, rotating plate over head: 3*10 reps / direction
Stepping on a bench: 3*10 reps / leg, 10kg plate
Side bend: 3*20 reps / side, 10kg plate
Ab crunch machine: 3*20 reps, 25kg (note to self: more weights next time)
Leg press machine: 3*15+15+18 reps, 90kg

It went well, and I was also fun to do. My bf was with me, and I made him to do the program too 🙂 He’s not complaining his legs yet, so maybe he is able to walk tomorrow..


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