Cycling around lake Pyhäjärvi

I was pretty sure mother nature was again going to be a bitch and make my cycling workout as rainy as possible, but no! It was raining all day, but miraculously the sun came out just as I hopped on my bike. My goal was to cycle around lake Pyhäjärvi.


The route was muddy and slow, but views were great. After about 22km I noticed that my other tire was more than little empty. And that I was slower than I had thought. And I was really really hungry. So I ditched my original plan to cycle to my bf’s place, parked the bike in the center of town and took the bus instead. I just hope no one takes my bike 🙂


I was kinda uncomfortable while waiting the bus in my thights, red faced and sweaty smack in the center of Tampere, but at least I remembered to take my helmet off 🙂

Duration: 1:55
Distance: 26.75
Average speed: 13.94 km/h
Average pace: 4:18 min/km


Look! Amazing backward-bending knees (and my biking shoes by Converse)


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