Chin-ups, here I come

One of my goals I want to achieve is being able to do chin-ups (chinups? how do you spell it?). Today I had a meeting with PT again, and this time we did upperbody workout. The goal: to get towards chin-ups.

This program has also four sets of movement pairs and is hard to do 😀 I just hope I’m not in too much pain tomorrow 😀

Set 1:
Chin-ups (Smith):
3 * 15-18 reps
This is an easier option, just building up towards actual ones.
Push-ups and pull-ins with swiss ball: 3 * 12-15 reps
My hands were already killing me…

Set 2:
Lat machine:
3 * 15-18 reps, 30kg
Back machine: 3 * 15-18 reps, 25kg/30kg (the sneaky PT added 5kg to the last series and didn’t say anything, grrr..)
Haven’t done back with a machine for ages, but it was good. As was lat machine too.

Set 3:
Pullover on the bench:
3 * 15-18 reps, 8kg dumbbell
Bicep curl + shoulder press: 3 * 15 – 18 reps, 6kg dumbbells
Pullover did some time to go smoothly, at first it was hard to find the right way to move my arms. And shoulder press, I hate you too.

Set 4:
Cable crossover:
3 * 15-18 reps, 6.25kg
Twists: 3 * 15 / side, 5kg plate
This was surprisingly nice, didn’t hate crossover right away. I still don’t like it, but I’m still doing it. Promise.

That kinda upper body workout, sounds fun! And sweaty. Tomorrow is probably going to be a running up that hill -day. Thursday and Friday = gym.

I also got my results back (partly) from the tests. To put it in a nutshell: I’m fat but in excellent shape 😀 Let’s keep the shape and get rid of unwanted fat then 😉


2 responses to “Chin-ups, here I come

  1. In our gym is a machine where you can do chin-ups by the aid of counterweight. I have wondered why people use it so less. It perfect way to get going in progress. Maybe I should do take some series after bodypump.

    ( bored again! )

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