Running up that hill

I was told that I need more high intensity workouts. That’s easy, I’ll just find me a hill and run up and down. For some reason I find it very satisfying too, don’t understand why..

I ran half way up, all the way up and 1/3 up sprints for half an hour. When my Spotify playlist told me to Give it up (by Hard-Fi) and Ready to die (by Andrew W.K.), I decided to do so. 30min running up and down, 1.7km, average speed being 3.6km/h and maximum speed 5km/h.

It was skating time! We have one hour of training before the ice and today we did mostly relaxing and stretching and some yoga. Girls liked it and it was great to go on the ice feeling all warmed up. An hour of skating later, it was time to come home. It’s getting dark here and you can smell the autumn in the air.

I got myself a new phone today, so finally I can get photos which are not blurry 😀 I was thinking about loading this “Zombies, run” application, which kinda makes your running more exciting and fun. But it’s getting so dark that I would be more scared than excited 😀 So maybe not. Do you know any fun running applications for iPhone? Anything less scary than Zombies? 🙂


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