Diet shopping

I kinda like going shopping when on a diet. It’s so easy. Just create a list at home of stuff you need and then go to the store and get exactly that. No pondering on the isles of the supermarket that “hmm, should I get fries or chips.. maybe both, I decide later.

About the diets. I’ve tried many. And apparently failed many too. I’ve tried Atkins. Nope. That lasted about a week. Then I tried a different one. Nope. That lasted for 2 months, I got results, but I swear I would’ve been happy to eat pine cones just to get some change for all that curd and cottage cheese. It kind of dawned on me that I’m better off just dieting with normal food. No leaving carbohydrates off, no fancy stuff like raw food or super foods. Diet shopping was too hard then when trying this and that. This time I got my new diet from my PT yesterday and now it’s time to go and apply it to the real world.

Just plain and easy food. Bread, porridge, lean meat, veggies, berries, fruits, curd, ham, cheese, peanuts, almonds, milk and of course the cottage cheese. This one I’ll stick to!

Buying all things good for you is nice, but then again, it’s kinda boring. You get the same stuff and don’t get to ponder at all. Well, now I’m lying. You do get to make choices. Which apples? What brand does the best cottage cheese? Or curd? What kind of berries this time?

Let’s see how this is going to work out. Food is good, nothing too fancy or difficult, no counting calories and no counting how much protein/fats/carbohydrates are in which item. I have a list, and I just follow it. And if I want to be rebellious, I’ll take a peach instead of an apple!


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