Friday gym

Back to routines! I got all my things done at work really early, and I decided to call it a day and went to the gym. My plan was to take it easy today too, but the lunges and bench “hopping” went surprisingly easy so I decided to do a full workout.

  • Kettlebell swings: 3 * 15 reps, 12kg
  • Dead lifts: 2 * 12 reps, 16kg + 1 * 12 reps, 12kg
  • Lunges: 3 * (5+5+5) reps, 15kg plate
  • Bosu + rotations: 3 * 10 reps / side, 10kg plate
  • Stepping on the bench: 3 * 10 reps/ leg, 10kg plate
  • Side bends: 3 * 20 reps / side, 15kg plate
  • Abs machine: 3 * 15 reps, 30kg
  • Leg press: 3 * 15 reps, 90kg

I ran into my PT, and he told me that next week’s workout is going to be tough one . Can hardly wait!

Today is extrafun day (besides it’s Friday). We are going to a public sauna called Rajaportin sauna. It’s the oldest public sauna in Finland still in use. It was built 1906 and there are separate departments for men and women. They still warm it with wood and it is the greatest thing on a cold rainy autumnal evening. A friend had one visit left in his serial card, and he gave the card to me, yay!

After sauna, we are going to eat the best stakes in Tampere. Although I might have to settle for salmon salad. On the other hand, a stake and steamed vegetables do fit in my diet..

Have a nice Friday you all!


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