Trying out: Tabata

I’m a pretty much stuck with my workout selection. I don’t try new things that often, but every now and then it’s kind of obligatory I think. Today I went to Tabata-class. It’s basically a interval workout. Nothing fancy, except the name. And of course, it burns more fat and more calories than anything else and you should do just that. Well now, I’m not that sure that this method of training is better than rest of it. But it was fun though. And I think that training should be fun.

Mirror photography, ballerina bun and just waiting for the class to start. For some weird reason, that particular hall is called “The Blue Hall”. No idea why 😀

So, what is Tabata? Interval training, that lasted for 30 minutes. There were 5 basic bodyweight overall moves (squat jumps, sit-up + get up, pushup + jump, boxing with dumbbells, hoovers). Each move is done 8 times 20 seconds at a time, 10 sec break between them. Then you have a minute for a break and go again. Oh man it was fun! Hard, not too hard, but challenging. And it is totally up to me, how hard the class is.


I’m going to sneak this class to my weekly schedule, just because it got the heart rate up and it’s a nice change between gym and well. Gym. Gotta get back on spin bike, running, BodyJam and BodyCombat 😀



One response to “Trying out: Tabata

  1. So little time and so much to do. 🙂

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