Week-ending gym and other things

It has been a great Sunday! Sun was shining all day, it was warm and I had slept like 10 hours so I was feeling good from the second minute I was awake (the first minute is always difficult, always). My bf and me decided (I begged) to go for a walk.

I usually hate walks, but my legs were a bit stiff from Tabata and that’s why I wanted to go.

Afternoon was spent lazying around the house, making salmon pasta for lunch and looking for new gym shoes from the net. I just don’t know what kinda shoes I’d want, so didn’t order any yet 🙂

Gym went fine, I got weights up on couple of sets:

  • Chin-ups: 3 * 15 reps, TRX
  • Push-ups + pull-ins: 3 * 12 reps, swiss ball
  • Lat machine: 2 * 15 reps, 35kg, 1 * 15 reps, 30kg
  • Back machine: 2 * 15 reps, 35kg, 1 * 15 reps, 30kg
  • Pullover on the bench: 3 * 15 reps, 9 kg
  • Bicep curls + shoulder press: 2 * 15 reps, 7kg, 1 * 15
  • Cable crossover: 2 * 15 reps, 5 kg, 1 * 15 reps, 7,5 kg
  • Twists: 3 * 15 reps / side, 5kg plate

I got a dumb blonde -moment and could not figure out why the cable crossover was so easy. Until I realized that the weight number on the plate was combined weight on both sides. Well…

After gym it was skating time (that’s why to sets of workout gear), so nice little workout day this Sunday turned out to be!


2 responses to “Week-ending gym and other things

  1. That looks like the perfect weekend for me! I love going to the gym on the weekend because it’s the quietest time. It kinda feels like your own personal gym in a way. Looks like a mean routine you got there as well! Keep it up! Tweeted and shared.

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