Grappling circuit and the best compliment ever

A friend of mine posted about (it’s in Finnish though) thing called Grappling Circuit. Apparently it has been created for wrestlers and fighters, but it’s something that us mere mortals can do also. Lotta called it the circuit from Hell, and I just might agree on that.

I did the thing with only 10kg weight, which was way too little. But hey, this was first time and I wanted to finish the whole damn thing properly 🙂

Each move has 8 reps, and the whole thing is done six times with 1 minute break between rounds. Very simple. The moves?

  • Bent over row * 8
  • Upright row * 8
  • Military press * 8
  • Good morning * 8
  • Split squats * 8/leg
  • Squat + push press * 8
  • Dead lift * 8

In some twisted way it was fun. With more weights then my sorry 10kg it will be awful, but fun.

If Randy Couture does this, so will I. (pic)

Today was also Bodyjam day. I really like this new programme, but I’m pretty sure that I’m also going to be bored in three months.. I mean, I got the moves right at this first try, so there’s not that much of a challenge left.. But it’s still fun 😀 Maybe the challenge could be that I have the pick a new place at the class. Like somewhere I can see myself from the mirror…. I am really not that good at dancing, so I rather just dance and not stare myself from the mirror, haha 😀

After the jam, I was getting my stuff for the circuit, when I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen for like a year. She told me (coming from the jam, all sweaty, red and out of breath) that

You look really good, like you are feeling well and healthy.

I guess I’m doing something right here, that was the best compliment I’ve had 🙂


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