Writing challenge: routines, vitamins, training and workout place

I stumbled upon this Blogger Writing Challenge by Fitness Cheerleader. I’m a bit late for September, but as I am usually late in all fads it doesn’t really matter. I just catch up and link my answers when I’ve done that 🙂

Day 1: Pre and post workout routine
The obvious routine is pre warm-up and post cooling down, but I guess it’s also routine to pick the same locker (if possible) and getting my water bottle, towel and note book with me. I also have a playlist for workouts which I switch on before leaving the locker room. After workout I just drink water, I don’t use recovery drinks that much.

Day 3: Vitamins and supplements
I take vitamin D and Omega-3 fish oils, that’s about it. I don’t really know any better, and those two are on my diet 🙂

Day 4: Typical training schedule for a week
Monday is BodyJam, Tuesday is gym and maybe dance class, Wednesday is skating day (possibly morning gym too), Thursday is kind of “pick any workout” day, Friday is BodyCombat or gym, Saturday is jogging/gym day and Sunday is (depending on Saturday) gym or Les Mills marathon and skating.

Day 5: Pictures of your favorite places to workout
My fitness center has 5 different places I can go to, and I visit all of them. And of course I love the ice rink!

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