Writing challenge: logging, strength, shoes, favourite blogs

Day 6: Logging food and workouts
I have used multiple things, pen&paper, excel and different web sites. At the moment I don’t log my food (although I’m going to do that for the next month or so just to see where I’m at) as I have a diet I follow. I just want to make sure I follow it correctly.
I log my workouts to this blog, to Heiaheia and at the gym I also use pen&paper.

Day 7: Favourite strength workout
At the moment I like everything I do, except lunges. Absolute favorite is pullover press ❤

Day 8: Number of workout shoes
I guess I have only 3 pairs. One pair for running, one for classes and gym and one “spare” pair. I really really need new ones, but I have no clue what kinda shoes I want..

Day 9: Alone or in a group?
Both. As a synchro skater, I have always worked out in a group. Th group pushes you when you are tired as you don’t want to be the last one 🙂 In classes you are kind of doing the workout on your own, but at the same time with the group.

But when it comes to gym, it’s just me. I hate of having to be social at the gym. I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to be friendly. I just want to get my workout done 😀

Day 10: Favourite healthy living / fitness blogs
These are all in Finnish:
Bobby Jean (I’m just in awe of her), Nelliina (it’s fun to read about her roller derby adventures), tiiti (by reading her blog I don’t need to talk to her and she doesn’t need to talk to me at the gym, really convenient!), Eevsku (she just won body fitness gold in Finnish championships!), Minessan (some one at Duracell should hire her as their spokes person :D)

And these are in English: Chris (who runs with zombies) and Robin (who is super cute and has workout really hard to become a triathlete)


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