Circuit and BodyJam equals good Monday

Why is it that Mondays typically suck? Like pouring salt into the wounds, I had a very difficult meeting to top of my not-so-great-Monday. Luckily, the gym saved me. It always does. If I feel bad and life sucks, gym helps. I did circuit training before BodyJam, and for some reason I now feel the effects in my legs. Or maybe I just danced more than usual 🙂

Circuit moves stayed the same, but I used 15kg instead of 10kg. And it was still a bit easy. So maybe bigger weights next time. Six rounds, 1 minute of rest between rounds.

  • Bent over row * 8
  • Upright row * 8
  • Military press * 8
  • Good morning * 8
  • Split squats * 8/leg
  • Squat + push press * 8
  • Dead lift * 8

At Jam, the instructor made us change places between songs. You “had to” give high-five to two people and then change place. It was actually fun, and I ended up in the front row. Me. Front row. At BodyJam. I mean, I’m the girl who hides in the back corner. The corner in which it is basically impossible to see oneself from the mirror. But well, I just didn’t look as daft as I thought. So maybe next time I’ll pick my place differently 🙂

My legs are really really tired, so maybe a little bit of stretching before sleep…


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