Friend Makin’ Mondays – Fall edition

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?  Nothing. I hate because the days get shorter and shorter, it’s dark and cold and rainy and everything sucks.

What do you hope to do again before Summer is officially over?  Go for a long bicycle ride.

When did you last go on a hay ride?  Never!

What is your favorite pumpkin dish?  I don’t think I have ever eaten pumpkin. It’s not that big of a deal here in Finland.

Do you decorate your home for fall?  I don’t. I just burn candles every now and then.

Do you have any hobbies that are seasonally specific? If so, what are they?  I guess not. Somethings you just can’t do without snow or without warm weather, but I skate indoors so it doesn’t really matter if it’s winter or summer 🙂

Apple cider or hot chocolate?  Dry apple cider, served cold. Please 🙂 Well, nowadays it’s hot chocolate. Maybe a dash of mint liquor in it.

Are you a fan of football?  If so, who is your team?  To me football is the thing you call soccer. I don’t have a team, except Spain when it’s world championships. And I don’t know anything about American football 😀

Share a fond Fall memory.  Jumping in fallen leaves. And jumping in puddles.

It’s not Fall until… icy rain starts. And to coldness and dampness goes through your clothes until your bones are freezing…


5 responses to “Friend Makin’ Mondays – Fall edition

  1. I also hate the fall. It irritates me that it has been made so big fashion to loooove the fall. I think that everyone who looooooves the fall so greatly doesn’t remember what kind of the season it really is in Finland.

  2. But the bad thin is that for example last year the fall lasted till middle of january. I would like that the winter could start at the end of the october. 😀
    Okay… my wallet would not like that ( living in a detached house ).

    The winter is coming! ( Have you watched that Game of Thrones series? )

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