Writing challenge: dream vacation, weighing, proudness and veggies

Day 11: My Dream Fitness Vacation
I would like to go hiking up a glazier in Iceland. Or just hiking in Lappland in Finland (I think this will actually happen next summer, if I can talk my bf into it).

Views in Iceland are just breathtaking. If I ever get married, my honeymoon will be in Iceland 😀

Day 12: How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?
I weigh myself every Monday and Thursday. Of course it’s not that necessary, but if I don’t it gets harder and harder to get on the scale as days go by. So, twice a week it is.

Day 13: My Proudest Fitness Accomplishment
I think my proudest fitness accomplishments are all those first times. First time I ran 10k, first time I dragged my ass to the gym, first time I went to BodyPump or BodyJam or BodyCombat. All those things I have done which felt so scary and the feeling afterwards that I went, did and survived.

Day 14 Share your fitness bucket list
Running a half marathon (this is hard because I hate running). Doing a triathlon. 3 day hike. Canoeing (there are courses for this so maybe next year).

Day 15: My 5 Favourite Vegetables
Carrots, rutabagas/swedes, zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers. My all time most hated veggie is tomato. The insides of a tomato is just plain awful.


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