Writing challenge: coffee, survival kit, sleeping and gimmicks

Day 21 Are you a coffee drinker?
Absolutely. Morning without coffee is like hell. A meeting without coffee is torture. Afternoon without coffee is wrong. I rarely drink coffee afterwork but it is essential during the day 🙂

Day 22 What would you put in your fitness survival kit?
Towel, water bottle, set of change clothing.

Day 23 How many hours do you sleep at night?
Between 7 and 8 hours. I can do with 6 hours of sleep, but then I just turn into a zombie. I need my beauty sleep 😉

Day 24 Have you ever fallen for a fitness “gimmick”?
If you call foam roller and swiss ball a gimmick, then yes. But I haven’t fallen for “eat one pill of these and you’ll be fit” gimmicks or bought any “this will fix it all” bracelets.

Day 25 What is something that you do well?
I have a good body control, great balance and I pick up choreographies pretty quick. So the BodyJam is pretty easy for me and BodyBalance too. I’m not saying that I’m a good dancer 😉


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