Weekly wrap-up

This was the normal 1 week from easy – normal 1 – normal 2 – hard, and this is how it went down:

  • Monday: Grappling circuit, BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Street dance
  • Wednesday: Skating
  • Thursday: Spinning, Gym (upper)
  • Friday: BodyCombat
  • Saturday: Gym (lower), Stretching
  • Sunday: Gym (upper), Stretching


I really should do more of that stretching stuff, I’m so stiff that it’s ridiculous.. I promise, next week I’ll stretch every day. Half an hour per day is not that much, or what do you think? 🙂


3 responses to “Weekly wrap-up

  1. Bodypump is not in your lists any more?

    • When I have time for it 🙂 At the moment gym has beaten pump 🙂

      • Yes the time is against us. At this time my week includes two times bodypump and one kettlebell. Would like also go to gym, spinning and jogging. But the wife have said that my son ( 5 months ) would like to see his dad sometimes. ( I also work six days / week ) 😀

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