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Wednesday gym

6:00AM: The annoying alarm clock goes off. I get up, make coffee and go back to the bedroom.

“You know, now it’s time to decide if we are going to sleep an hour extra or go to the gym.”

“What do you mean when you say WE? I don’t get it”, says the BF and goes back to sleep. Where’s the support I just ask?

I wasn’t alone at the gym, but there was plenty of space to reserve two spots at a time (yay).

  • Smith squats: 1*10 reps with 30kg, 2*10 reps with 40kg (plus the bar itself, I have no idea what does it weigh though)
  • Lat machine: 1*10 reps with 30kg, 2*10 reps with 40kg
  • Bench press: 1*10 reps with 30kg, 2*10 reps with 35kg, 1*8 reps with 40kg
  • Leg raises: 4*15 reps
  • Romanian deadlift: 3 * 10 reps, 40kg
  • Triceps extention: 1*10 reps with 12kg, 2*10 reps with 16kg

I still have some skating to do in the evening, let’s hope I don’t fall (again)…


It’s all about bounce and locking and future plans

Street dance time again. I think I’m getting the hang of it. A little. Well at least I don’t look like a wannabe ballerina who has entered the wrong class room all the time. Maybe just 55min out of an hour or so. Progress!

It’s all about the right gear let me tell ya. Loose pants, leg warmers, loose top. I wish I could look more like a dance and less like a lost ballerina, but hey. I’m doing it and getting better.

I’ve been back at my 30 fat/30 protein/40 carbs diet after the disastrous two weeks of I’m-sick-so-I-can-eat-what-I-want-especially-if-it-is-unhealthy-and-has-chocolate-in-it. So let’s hope there will be some progress by the end of the year. Negative progress as loosing weight. I have been working on my exercise plan too and hope to get it ready by Friday. I mean I need high intensity workouts, core training, strength training and mobility training, and at the moment I have something like this planned:

Easy week:

  • Monday: BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Street dance
  • Wednesday: Skating
  • Thursday: Pilates
  • Friday: Gym
  • Saturday: Gym + Stretching
  • Sunday: Skating + Stretching

So 7(+2) hours. 2h of cardio, 1h of core, 2h of mobility, 2h of strength and 2h of skating which doesn’t really count. If I want and feel like it, Monday’s BodyJam is optional, but it has to be replaced on Saturday by a run or walk.

Normal week:

  • Monday: Tabata (30min) + BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Gym (morning) + Street dance
  • Wednesday: Crosstrainer (30min, morning) + Skating
  • Thursday: Swimming (morning) + Pilates
  • Friday: Gym + Stretching
  • Saturday: Gym + Stretching
  • Sunday: Skating + Stretching

Normal week is 11h+2h. 4h of cardio, 1h of core, 3h of mobility and 3h of strength and again 2h of skating that we do not count. Tabata is included into the cardio here. This week if I need a rest day, what would be Sunday. As skating does not count remember?

Hard week:

  • Monday: Tabata + BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Gym (morning) + Street dance + Core
  • Wednesday: Crosstrainer (60min, morning) + Skating + Stretching
  • Thursday: Bootcamp (morning) + Pilates
  • Friday: Swimming (morning) + Gym + Stretching
  • Saturday: Tabata + Gym + Stretching
  • Sunday: Gym + Skating + Stretching

Hard week is then 15+2h. 6h of cardio, 1h of core, 4h of mobility, 4h of strength and 2h of nothing (skating). Tabata and Bootcamp are high intensity workouts. This week there is no such thing as rest day. After a hard week there comes a easy one anyway.

So that’s what I have planned so far, I’m gonna propose this to my PT and see what does he make of it. I’m guessing something along the lines “are you mad?” and “well, at least you are stretching”.

And because it’s beginning to look like this in Finland:

What else would I do except hangout at the gym? My boyfriend spends as much time in there as I do too, so I’ll see him there 😀

Wait for it

Pilates. What is this! Does it feel too easy? Too “is this supposed to hurt or not”?

Let’s find out!


Wrapping up a very very easy week

As the flu has been won, it was time to get back to the gym. My PT made sure I wasn’t doing too much, as he kept a watchful eye on me all the time. I’m pretty sure he’s a mind reader, cause he came up to me when I was thinking about adding more weights to bench press and said “it’s good that you take it easy, that’s enough weights for this time”. 😀

The wrap-up then:

  • Monday: nothing
  • Tuesday: nothing
  • Wednesday: Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday: Gym
  • Saturday: Nothing
  • Sunday: Skating

Not much to brag about, but now I’m finally healthy enough and I have already planned this weeks gym visits 🙂


“So you are here again? Well then, when are we going to workout then?”

I ran into my PT again. And now we have a date for next Friday, nice! I felt good after yesterday, so no reasons not to go to the gym today. It might be safe to say that the flu has been conquered finally.


  • Lat machine: 1 * 10, 40kg, 2 * 8, 45kg
  • Bench press: 4 * 10, 30kg
  • Lateral raises: 3 * 10, 6kg
  • Bicep curls: 3 * 10, 8kg
  • Triceps extensions: 3 * 10, 15kg
  • Leg raises: 3 * 15
  • Plank: 8 * 20s, with 10s rests
  • Crunches: 5 * 20

There, not bad. I guess I can get back on track next week. This almost three week long “holiday” certainly has damaged my progress. I haven’t really been eating that well and well, laying on the sofa all day is not that helpful for losing weight. Next weekend is still the measurement weekend, but the “results” might be really really bad :/

Back in business

Back at the gym, great! I didn’t do much, since besides being sick for almost 2 weeks, my PT was at the gym too. And he kept an eye on me, so I wouldn’t workout too much 😀 I think that was kinda sweet.

Look! It’s me! At the gym! ❤

So, this is what I did today:

  • Squats: 10 reps with just stick for warming up, 10 * 20kg, 10 * 30kg, 10 * 40kg
  • Dead-lift: 10 * 30kg, 8 * 35kg, 8 * 37kg
  • Pullover on a bench: 3 * 10,  9kg
  • Leg raises: 3 * 15
  • Cable crossover: 3 * 10, 15kg

Not much, but something anyway!

While I was doing my squats and dead lifts, this really annoying guy came next to me. He reserved both squat and one bench press place, and probably some other equipments too since after doing 6 dead lifts he disappeared for about 5 minutes. It’s fine to do circuit, but it’s not that fine to reserve two places and then just go away 😀 He did come back eventually, I guess he had more I’m-gonna-bang-these-weights-on-the-floor-after-each-deadlift things to do.

Do you reserve places? I do, but I try annoy others as little as possible…

Friend Makin’ Monday: Lotto

This week the question is what if I’d win the lottery. Let’s pretend I’d win the Eurolotto, cause that’s around 100 million euros or something like that. I actually have a plan. Or a todo list.

  1. Buy 2 pugs.
  2. Name the pugs Raipe & Juti (two famous Finnish hockeyplayers, icons in their own way for those of you who don’t know).
  3. Get rid of all debt.
  4. Buy new training shoes.
  5. Get some ice cream (enough so you can offer some for you friends too).
  6. Take six months of from work.
  7. Go where ever you and the pugs and the bf wanna go.
  8. Send cards to mom.
  9. Send mom to a holiday. Go there too, have fun with mom.
  10. Get back to Finland.
  11. Get back to work.
  12. Buy a house.
  13. Have a housewarming party.
  14. Eat ice cream.
  15. Invest wisely, take care of your family and train hard.

That’s what I’d do with 100 million euros. What would you do? Link your answers to Kenlie.

Oh, the winter is coming. See, week and a half ago it was autumn:




It was autumn, this morning the winter is here. Just creeping, but here: