Monday Magic: Circuit + BodyJam

The grappling circuit is great little workout to do before some aerobic thing like BodyJam. I’m still trying to figure out the weights and rhythm which works for me, but I’m getting closer.

  • Bent over row * 8
  • Upright row * 8
  • Military press * 8
  • Good morning * 8
  • Split squats * 8/leg
  • Squat * 8
  • Dead lift * 8

Today I started with two warm-up rounds: 6 reps / move, with 5kg weights. After that, it was circuit time. 17kg weights and 8 reps / move. Now we are beginning to talk. I’m pretty sure I could do this with 20kg, and that might just be my goal for next month 🙂


And the BodyJam, great as usual ❤ I really like the house choreography, and I’m starting to learn the program by heart, so I can focus on having fun and not the steps.

Good start for this week!


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