Tedious and drab day at the gym

Although one of my favorite gym goers was at the gym today (the amazing crossword puzzle man), it was all just drab and boring and I just didn’t feel like it.

See, there’s the guy with his crosswords.

  • Squats with Smith: 4 * 10, 35kg
  • Pull down: 4 * 10, 30kg
  • Dead lift: 4 * 10, 35kg
  • Bench press: 4 * 10, 30kg
  • Triceps extensions: 4 * 10, 15kg
  • Leg lifts: 4 * 15

Not much to tell for future generations there. But I did go to the gym, even if I didn’t want to. That something eh?

You know, it’s weird that sometimes I get to idea that yes I’m beginning to get fit. And then I take these kind of pics and see that I’m clearly not. And it is really really really disheartening. I kind of feel I might as well just give up.



3 responses to “Tedious and drab day at the gym

  1. Did you ask the guy if he needed help with that puzzle? 😀

    And that’s great if you can make yourself to go to gym even if it’s not feeling fun at that moment. That guarantees the fact that you can progress. In body you can see the progress in small steps. That motivates. If you would have huge step at a little bit of time and after that the progress would be zero…. I think the motivations would drop. Remember also relax and let your body recover. 🙂


    • I didn’t ask, he just wants to do crosswords and I don’t want to bother him 🙂

      • I thought that the puzzle was so difficult that the poor guy had to take it with him even in gym. 😀 Or maybe he have solved the problem where put his eyes when he is not training. 😀

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