Grappling jam

Basic Monday, Grappling circuit before BodyJam. Today I did the circuit 8 times, 2 for warm-up and 6 for serious business 😉

  • Bent over row * 8
  • Upright row * 8
  • Military press * 8
  • Good morning * 8
  • Split squats * 8/leg
  • Squat * 8
  • Dead lift * 8

First round was with 5kg, second with 7kg and the actual workout was with 17kg. Go me!

BodyJam was fun as always, although my poor calves were really sore after Sunday and it was quite difficult (and do I have to mention painful) to dance 🙂 Tomorrow is massage day, finally! And maybe some dancing too. Maybe. I know, I should take a day off when getting a massage, but the dance thing is not THAT hard. Right?


8 responses to “Grappling jam

  1. What do you mean by grappling? I understand it only in the context of martial arts, like BJJ…

  2. Yikes! Looks pretty damn tough, good job. Maybe I should try it one day!

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