Change of plans

This was supposed to be hard and intensive training week. Yesterday at the ice rink I managed to fall from full speed spectacularly almost on my face and now I feel like I’ve been in a fight. Front left side of my body is in still hurting and the right side of my back is strained to the hit. Ice was again surprisingly hard.

Luckily I have good reflexes what it comes to falling. As I have been doing so on the ice since I was six 🙂 So instead of hitting my face and breaking my wrist, my left elbow, hip and thigh took most of the impact. And it seems that although it was too painful to put on jeans (as they touch the thigh…) I’m not going to get any major bruising. Go me 😀

Mandatory rest day today, today some running up and down stairs with my PT. That I can do, I’m not running with my elbow anyway 😀


4 responses to “Change of plans

  1. That is nice to hear that you didn’t hearth yourself badly. When I was kid I fall to the ice on my face and had lump size of the egg on my forehead. Maybe that explains some issues…. 😀

  2. i wondered what happened! and then i don’t have any cool get well-ish cheering images in my heia! but take it slow, in my experience it’s never good to hurry back if there’s some sort of injury involved.

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