Friend Makin’ Monday: Lotto

This week the question is what if I’d win the lottery. Let’s pretend I’d win the Eurolotto, cause that’s around 100 million euros or something like that. I actually have a plan. Or a todo list.

  1. Buy 2 pugs.
  2. Name the pugs Raipe & Juti (two famous Finnish hockeyplayers, icons in their own way for those of you who don’t know).
  3. Get rid of all debt.
  4. Buy new training shoes.
  5. Get some ice cream (enough so you can offer some for you friends too).
  6. Take six months of from work.
  7. Go where ever you and the pugs and the bf wanna go.
  8. Send cards to mom.
  9. Send mom to a holiday. Go there too, have fun with mom.
  10. Get back to Finland.
  11. Get back to work.
  12. Buy a house.
  13. Have a housewarming party.
  14. Eat ice cream.
  15. Invest wisely, take care of your family and train hard.

That’s what I’d do with 100 million euros. What would you do? Link your answers to Kenlie.

Oh, the winter is coming. See, week and a half ago it was autumn:




It was autumn, this morning the winter is here. Just creeping, but here:


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