Tabata at the gym aka I’m sure PT was trying to finish me off

30 sec per move, 15 sec breaks and every move is repeated eight times. I call this fun way to spend an hour on Friday afternoon, some might call it a torture. Yes, today was quality time with my PT again. I was a bit early so I did 15 min of crosstrainer for warm-up and then we started.

  • Rowing: 30 sec full speed, the stop for 15 sec. Repeat 8 times.
  • Smith squats with 30kg: same here, just add more pain
  • Seal jack-knives (see the explanation at the end of this post): try not to imagine how you look like, laughing is not an option when doing this move.
  • Rope skipping: my calves started to cramp midway, so we did only four rounds of this.
  • TRX rows and pushups: row for 30sec, rest for 15sec, pushups for 30sec, rest for 15sec. Repeat this set 6 times and cry a little.
  • Bike riding: 30 sec full speed, then stop for 15 sec. Repeat again 8 times. My thighs were on fire for the last 7 rounds.
  • Hoover: same here, just add violent shaking and tiredness and a PT who SAYS that this time it’s 20s/10s, but it was 30s/15s anyway.
  • Go home and lay on the floor for awhile.

And the explanation for the seal jack-knife move (that’s my word, feel free to use it):

First you do a normal jack knife. Then you do a little move like this:

Our seal here did only half of the move, you have to do a full turn. And then do another jack knife. Roll again making sure that legs and hands and head do not touch the floor. Repeat. Easy, even seals (and I) can do it!

Now I’ll just crawl to my bed and die. Or something. Have a nice Friday you all!


2 responses to “Tabata at the gym aka I’m sure PT was trying to finish me off

  1. I think he’s just trying to make you too tired and weak to resist a two hour marathon of accordion accompanied tanhujumppa, so beware 😀

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