Wrap-up, November challenge and shameless self-promotion – all in one!

I stumbled upon this November fitness challenge in Chris Barns’s blog and decided to take part. I’ll write the answers to all challenge questions on Sundays, as a part of the weekly wrap-up.

Wrap-up looks like this this week:

  • Monday: Pilates
  • Tuesday: Street dance
  • Wednesday: Gym, skating
  • Thursday:
  • Friday: Tabata at the gym with PT
  • Saturday: Skating, hanging around at the gym
  • Sunday: Skating and gym

Not that hard this week, but I feel the gym in my muscles…

And then the challenge:

Day 1. What are your goals for November? Well, get closer to the actual pull-ups, loose some weight and just enjoy exercising.

Day 2. Give 5 strategies you are using to keep the holiday pounds off. I only have 2 strategies: First, do not overeat. Second, keep up with the workout routine. That should do it.

Day 3. What would you tell a friend who wanted to quit? Depends on what the friend is going to quit.

Day 4. Please share your favorite clean eating breakfast recipe. A bowl of oat meal, cottage cheese and loads of berries. Easy! Even I can do it 🙂

And then there is the self-promotion part! I created a Facebook page, go and like this blog!


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