To jog or not to jog

That was today’s question. Since yesterday was marked as a rest day (skating is allowed though, because I usually just yell and play music so it really isn’t a workout), today was workout time! Basic endurance training. Which can be anything from BodyJam to swimming. Well now, dancing it is I decided and went online to see what classes there are on starting at 16:00 or 16:30. Nothing I’d like. What’s a bunny to do then?

Well, I put my tights and my mismatched legwarmers on and went for a jog. It was actually fun to run. I haven’t done any running for ages, and it’s getting a bit too cold and dark and slippery to run here in Finland. All the puddles were frozen by the time I got back home and the sun was setting, but it was still fun. Maybe the shortness of the jog had something to do with the fun factor? The shorter the run, the more fun it is?

Anyway, some stats:

  • Distance and duration: 4,75km/36:26
  • Avg. speed and max speed: 7:42 min/km, 3:05 min/km
  • Calories burned: 562kcal
  • Total ascent/descent: 80m/56m

I’ve also spent half of my day looking for cool apps for my iPhone. I have now MyFitnessPal, Tabata Timer and Nike Training+. And I also already had Endomondo and Heia Tracker. Anything else I should try? Suggestions? Anything related to working out counts 🙂


2 responses to “To jog or not to jog

  1. SportsTracker. Has gotten me totally addicted to jogging.

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