Self-important Monday

Ok, this is going to be a self-important and oh-my-aren’t-I-good post, you have been warned.

It’s not about excuses. It’s not “I can’t”. It really is about wanting and just doing. Today was cardio day, and also worktrip day. I left home at 7:20, went to Helsinki (200km away), had a fun workshop, came back, hit the gym, did the cardio, ate right and that sort of thing. Maybe I’m late, but it has really just sunken in this “I want and I will” attitude towards working out.

It’s about goals. My goals are now different. Before, it was just about loosing the weight. Now it has shifted more towards stronger and fitter. Not just thinner. And it has made a huge difference in how I do things. And how I plan things. I eat right, because I know that by doing so I can be stronger. I can lift more weights at the gym. I can run the 5k a bit faster.

Un-related photo.

Now I make the effort to prepare my day, in order to get to the gym or organize time for cardio. Today I did 15min on treadmill (8km/h, 2km), 15min of rowing and 15min of elliptical trainer. Because I planned this, bought right food to fuel me for the day (and prevent me getting something just something to eat on the train ride back home). I left my gym stuff at the train station locker in the morning, so I could go straight there and not go home first.

See, I plan better. I feel better. And what I think is most important, I believe I am going to succeed in what I am doing. I’m gonna get fitter and stronger and lighter.

Because I want to.


4 responses to “Self-important Monday

  1. Awesome,I love moments like that when that “I’m amazing” feeling come right out! Excellent!

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