6:21AM Gym

Ah the luxury of being alone at the gym. Well there was one guy besides me but he was doing cardio. So I got the whole gym just for me!


I need to figure out some kinda breakfast which I could have before 6AM. Today I ate some nuts, but that wasn’t really enough. And with all sets, the last set was the only set that felt like actually I was doing something right. Maybe I was just too stiff. And sleepy.

Note to self: No morning gym without coffee before it.


You know the feeling when you are using weights from the heaviest end of the range? 🙂

  • Body row: 3 * 10 reps, the Smith bar at 11″
  • Bench press: 3 * 8 reps, 40kg
  • Bicep curls + shoulder presses: 3 * 8 reps, 9 kg
  • Pullover: 3 * 10 reps, 10kg
  • Lat machine: 3 * 10 reps, 40 kg
  • Cross cable: 3 * 10 reps, 10kg
  • Tricep extentions: 3 * 15, 10kg
  • Nike+ ab training set, 15min

Tomorrow I’m gonna get new gym programs, can’t wait 😀

Good times! It’s not that bright at 8AM in the morning here… But have a great day you all 🙂




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