Trying out new gym programs

Fun gym Friday again! I met up with my PT and he had done my new gym programs. We decided to go through both of them, so I can start working next week with the new style (haha, as if I have a training style as such..).

The first one busts my ass and legs and the other one is for back and arms. So nothing new there. Basic moves, more weights. That’s about it.

First the leg one:

  • Dead-lifts: 2 * 10, 45kg
  • Sumo squat: 2 * 10, 40kg
  • Barbell row: 2 * 10, 40kg
  • Lunges: 3 * 8/leg, 40kg
  • Leg press: 3 * 10/leg, 70kg
  • Pushdown: 2 * 10, 15kg
  • Side crunches: 2 * 15/side, 10kg
  • Decline crunches: 2 * 15

And the other one:

  • Dumbbell bench press: 2 * 10, 12kg
  • Bench dip: 2 * 10, legs on a swiss ball
  • Triceps pushdown: 2 * 10, 15kg
  • Bicep curls: 2 * 10, 15kg
  • Lateral raises: 2 * 10, 8kg
  • Hyperextensions: 2 * 12, 10kg
  • Leg raises: 2 * 10, 2,5kg
  • Rotations with barbell: 2 * 15/side

Now I know I don’t use that much weights, but I was really really smug when my PT told me that I’m “difficult, always need more weights than my other clients”. Perhaps his other trainees are 90 year old grannies (and might I add fragile ones), but I felt a bit proud. I have been working, and it shows apparently.

The other thing was, that I get to use “grown-up weights” ie. dumbbells over 10kg on the bench press 😀 Weirdly happy about that too. Now I’m strong enough to use the BIG weights. As I call the over 10kg dumbbells.

Great day, and I can’t wait until Monday to try out my new routine! With the actual repetitions too. And I might want to practice my counting from 1 to 15 -skills too. During the whole workout, me and my PT did not once agree on how many reps I had already done. Or maybe it’s the PT who needs some practice on that area 😉


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