Happy body, happy soul

This day was very very shitty work-wise. Looooong meetings, 4h of sitting in a train and all that. There’s about 200m walk from the train station to the gym. I had plenty of time to think “I-will-not-go-to-the-gym-NO-I-will-go-NO-I-will-not..”, but my body was wiser then my mind this time. Before I could even decide wether to go or not, I was already in the elevator going up to the gym.

I had my gear with me: towel, gloves, wraps, notebook and phone for music and taking pics to prove that I really was at the gym. I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t take the pic, no one would believe that I went.

  • Deadlift: 4 * 10, 40kg
  • Sumo squat: 4 * 10, 40kg
  • Bent over barbell row: 4 * 10, 40kg
  • Smith lunges in: 3 * 8/leg, 45kg
  • Single-leg leg press: 3 * 10/leg, 70kg
  • Straight-arm pulldown: 3 * 10, 15kg
  • Side bends: 3 * 15/side, 10kg
  • Decline sit-ups: 4 * 15

I guess I will use more weights next time in deadlift, squat, lunges and leg press. They went way too easy. And maybe also in pulldown too. Rowing was hard enough with the 40kg  (and it’s the only thing that I have to use wraps, my grip is not strong enough yet…)

Oh! And this nice girl came up to me at the changing room and complimented me on my blog! I’m just not sure if she ment this blog or the Finnish one, so I’m gonna thank her in both 🙂 So thank you, it was nice hearing that you like what I write!

All in all, now I feel great, I’m in a good mood, I liked the program and can’t wait for next leg day!


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